Massage Therapist Automation

Run Your Booking, Reminders & Followup on Autopilot

Forget pencilling in appointments manually! Allow patients to easily book themselves 24/7 with 100% custom fully-automated calendars, reminders & followups.


Burnt Out from Chasing All Those Missed Appointments Yourself?

Save 30 minutes to 2 hours a day and leave it to ONE simple customized software to handle calendar bookings, reminders & followup -- even while you're away.

Designed FOR busy massage therapists, with direct input FROM busy massage therapists.

You want to FILL your calendar... but should you really answer your phone while you're busy? Don't sacrifice peace & comfort in your own skin just to deliver for your clients!

🏅 100% Compatible with ABMP Websites and Most Page Builders

Here's What You Get:



LeadsNtel's automations support both SMS & email communications. No client gets left behind!



No one needs to ask again! Should your schedule or policies change, we'll update your system on the spot.



Core automations work WITHOUT middlemen apps. This is NOT your cookie-cutter scheduler! We set up everything for you even if you're a non-techie.



Whichever way your massage therapy is set up, we will answer any questions you have and tailor your experience to make sure it works perfectly for your practice. Want to automate a special offer? No problem -- just ask.



As soon as your calendar is connected, no need to wait weeks or learn to build a system yourself. Your scheduler can be installed and deployed as soon as next day.



Manage SMS, email, FB Messenger, IG, Google reviews and Google Maps chats within one mobile app. Downloadable from the App Store and Play Store.

Read these case studies to see how you'll save 30 mins - 2 hrs a day of worry.

You don't have to sweat over remembering that dangling, nagging voicemail! While you're working on your client, or on the road, ALL of this is taken care of for you:

Latest Case Study #1: Appointments On-Demand

DIY'ing scheduling took oodles of joy and relaxation away from this massage therapist.

Someone calls asking to book while she's driving to the office. And don't even get her started on mobile appointments a good few miles out...

We set up her appointment durations & buffers, and connected her Google calendar to detect availability.

We then asked her when she wanted appointment reminders, and how often. They were customized on the spot.

Now, when she's driving, patients need not ask. They open a link (or visit a website), punch in the date and time, and the system takes care of everything -- from confirmation, to sending cancellation policy, to followups.

Latest Case Study #2: First 7 Reviews Collected in 5 Weeks

We helped a massage therapist just like you to set up & verify her Google Business Profile.

She had no Google reviews. After installing our Review System into her calendar, within 5 weeks, she collected her first 7 Google Maps reviews!

Reviews are the 1st thing your future patients see when they Google you. They could shape your patient's entire experience.

We can help you get them -- on autopilot.

LeadsNtel systems have gotten reviews from (avg.) up to 40% of total REAL customers over time. No violating Google guidelines here. Only real reviews requested from real customers.

Massage Therapist Reviews Software

Screenshot from REAL client's Google Business Listing. Details redacted for confidentiality.

Here's How It Works:


We'll chat about where you need to save time, and how your practice operates.


Your system is fully customizable. When/how often to remind, followup, offers, policy -- you name it, we'll do it.


Connect your Google/Outlook calendar, install the booking system on your site, and you're ready to roll!


We're available to answer your questions. You don't deal with a subordinate -- you talk directly to the person who sets up your system.

Ready To Get Started? Let's Talk!


Where are you located?

LeadsNtel is located in Clear Lake City, Houston, Texas, a 10-15 minute drive away from NASA's Johnson Space Center. Our client base spans all of North America, including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. If you're a Clear Lake or Webster local, we can meet!

I am a member of ABMP. They provide me a website. Will this work with it?

YES! LeadsNtel is confirmed 100% COMPATIBLE with ABMP websites! We can plug in the integrated contact form and calendar on your behalf.

How much time will this free up for me?

30 minutes to 2 hours per day, if not more. This can account for drive time, when you can't just look at your phone to check your calendar.

Will this automate followup AFTER appointments?

YES! Followup text messages are fully customizable to any offer you want. They're just as customizable as PRE-appointment reminders. Review requests, coupons, newsletters -- what have you. Best of all, we handle it all for you.

Does this account for drive time?

YES! For appointments booked through our system, you can set up automated buffers of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, however long you want

If you set up appointments manually in your Google or Outlook calendar, just drag the start & finish to cover drive time (15 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever that may be) and your online calendar will auto-detect it right away.

Does this synchronize with my calendar?

LeadsNtel has TWO-WAY sync with Google calendars. We'll help you configure the system to account for any existing events necessary. You can also manage Google events from inside the system on your desktop.

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